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Truly Simplify
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Your practice is your passion

You’re a dynamic, high-achieving, detail-oriented private practice therapist. You might even be a bit of a perfectionist.

Ok, you’re a TOTAL perfectionist!

You love working with your clients and feel energized when they make progress.

But when you can’t get everything done it drives you nuts!

I help therapists like you take control of SImplePractice by:

  • Getting set up quickly and properly

  • Developing efficient workflows

  • Automating systems to reduce your workload

  • Creating squeaky clean client accounts

  • Geeking out with reports that actually make sense

  • Training your staff on their schedule

  • Conducting regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly

  • Having access to personalized support

  • Being there to help as your needs change


Worth it?

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Your time is worth more than you think

When you spend time with your clients, you are earning money. When you spend time wrestling with your EHR, you are not only getting frustrated, but you are not earning money!

Let’s do some quick math:

48 (3).png

Do it on your own

$0 - For 8 Missed Client Hours

$0 - For Your 8 Hrs on Project


$0 - Plus a headache :-(

48 (3).png

Delegate Your Project

$800 - Earned For 8 Client Hours

$384 - Paid For 8 Hrs of VA Time


$416 - In Your Pocket! :-)


More Money
+ More Time

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Conquer your to-do list

  • Stop shuffling and re-shuffling your to-do list day after day

  • Stop interrupting precious money-making time with every problem that pops up

  • Stop feeling frustrated and uninspired by the tasks that don’t excite you

  • Stop wondering if the things you miss might affect your clients or your bottom line

  • Stop day-to-day stuff from getting in the way of your big dreams for your practice

  • Stop Stressing!

Ready to Love
Your Practice?


Kari Silverberg, LMFT

Virtual Assistant | Consultant | Coach


Why work with me?

I am a therapist who has been in private practice since 2006 and have used SimplePractice since early 2014.

I am an organizing nerd with a love for technology, inventing, and implementing meaningful solutions. And I enjoy helping others who are in private practice to do the same.

I’ll admit that I love spreadsheets. Is it ok to love spreadsheets? :-)

Additionally, I understand the special requirements and challenges therapists face when it comes to record keeping, confidentiality, local and federal laws, insurance and more.

I know first hand how rewarding owning and running a private practice can be, and I am empathetic and understanding to the unique challenges that you face.